Kaplan's comprehensive NCLEX RN review and prep books are a great starting point and study resource while you're preparing for the NCLEX-RN Exam. Need to pass the NCLEX? Kaplan Nursing is your source for NCLEX review courses, NCLEX practice tests, and much more. Start your NCLEX prep now. The NCLEX-RN exam is not just about what you know—it's about how you think. Kaplan's NCLEX-RN Prep Plus uses expert critical thinking strategies and targeted sample questions to help you put your expertise into practice and ace the exam! Saunders Comprehensive Review for the.

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NCLEX-RN Prep Practice Test + Proven Strategies (Kaplan Test Prep): Medicine & Health Science Books @ monpaysofchlesspi.ml Kaplan's Prep Plus was my surprise top pick as the best overall NCLEX book for these reasons: Pro: It's the only book to actually follow the. Kaplan NCLEX-RN Prep Plus Why I chose Kaplan: It follows the NCSBN's Test Plan (though not perfectly). It has the best walkthough.

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They were extraordinarily easy! The focus and cognitive level weren't as good as the book either. These videos aren't bad, but they pretty much go over the material that's presented in the first pages of the book.

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Kevin Pan. February 6, Check on site Check on. Nursing Content Coverage. Online Materials. Specifications and Analysis Overview.

Best Overall Kevin's Overall Rating 4. Student Reviews. Check site. Candidates who take the NCLEX exam have graduated from an approved nursing program prior to taking the test.

This time includes some optional breaks and any other breaks that you might take during the NCLEX exam.

After all, if you have graduated from an accredited nursing school and passed or even got good grades , why do you need to download a bunch of NCLEX prep books to prepare for and pass the NCLEX exam? The NCLEX exam is used by nursing schools as a way to understand and confirm how well an aspiring nurse is trained across the landscape of nursing schools out there.

As one can expect, some nursing schools offer a much more rigorous educational curriculum when compared to others. As such, a nursing student who gets average grades from a top tier nursing school may do as well as a higher candidate at a less rigorous nursing school. The NCLEX exam is an attempt to understand and compare these variations in nursing school educations.

It might be fair to say that comparing nurses using the NCLEX exam is actually not fair as it does not test true performance on an equal basis. After all, if one candidate is less prepared for a career in nursing but does better in a high pressure NCLEX testing situation, is that person going to ultimately be a better nurse?

One study looked at the predictive value of the NCLEX and determined that it can be used to identify people who will need help early on in their career and potentially as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of the help administered.

Best NCLEX Review Books

Another study looked at correlations and regression data and found a significant correlation between prenursing aptitude variables and NCLEX pass rates. Unfortunately, in most cases, it has to be done and it is better to focus on preparing for the NCLEX rigorously and just passing the exam rather than excessively questioning why it exists in the first place.

Make sure that you prep for the right exam when you are studying to get through this hurdle on the way to starting your career! What is somewhat obvious is that having too much stress on the day of the NCLEX exam is not a good thing. What is less obvious is that having no stress on the day of the exam is also not a good thing as a lack of stress can reduce our focus and interest and lead to a failing exam.

The best amount of stress when taking the NCLEX exam is just a little bit — enough to keep you on your toes but not overwhelm you as you work through the different sections.

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NCLEX exam study plans are an important part of stress preparation. A well-designed study plan some of which are offered in the best NCLEX books will help you work through the required information methodically. If you stick to your study schedule, you will not feel behind as the date of your NCLEX exam comes closer and you can re-review weaker areas from the best NCLEX books you are using to tighten up your knowledge.

If you take them seriously, the practice exams and test simulations that you will find in many of the online components of the best NCLEX books can be very helpful. By setting up a room and a computer, shutting off anything that might disturb you e.

Why is this helpful? If you can simulate the stress from taking the exam using a practice test from one of the best NCLEX books, then the stress that you feel on the day you take the actual NCLEX exam will be something that you have experienced previously. For most people, the second or third or fourth time experiencing a certain type of stress is always less intense than the first time experiencing that stress.

As a result, your stress level on the day of the NCLEX exam will be lower — allowing you to perform better and have a better chance of passing — all because you took a practice test from one of the best NCLEX books.

To pass the Nclex, I really recommend studying as much as possible. I also show the books I used on that page as well although I would always get the latest ones possible.

The Best NCLEX Review Books of 2019

So by downloading these products you also help support our site. However, I do know a few RN nursing graduates who did attend the Kaplan course reviews. Study review programs such as Kaplan often have a high pass rate, and can be beneficial.

Are they required? Not necessarily. There are pros and cons to doing a Kaplan course, and I think that is something each person should decide for themselves.

As far as the CD-roms and study guides for the Nclex, those books on my study log page should give you a push in the right direction.Key Takeaway: Practice, after all, is often the difference between a passing and a failing score, and this book makes sure that you will get that much needed practice.

Kaplan "shows" you how the NCLEX works rather than just "telling": Unlike other books that are organized by body system or population type like nursing school - boo!

These videos aren't bad, but they pretty much go over the material that's presented in the first pages of the book. Each question has their own corresponding answer explanations, which are all thorough and detailed enough to help you understand your mistakes. Con: While the practice questions are excellent, there are less of them than other books.