The Third & The Seventh book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. In essence, this is a book on digital art. It compiles a host of h. Alex Roman's short film The Third and The Seventh, explaining the technical and Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers . Inspiration: The Third & The Seventh information about this film and his book, you can check out his website:

The Third And The Seventh Book

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Uploaded by: PATRICIA Joined November 10 Photos and .. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Check out this #3dmodel by third-seventh available here. Alex Roman has recently made his latest book From Bits To The Lens available today for pre-orders, in it, he talks extensively about The Third. No words can describe the amount of talent, work and dedication that went into the creation of this piece of art by Alex Roman – A truly.

People are going to find a strong emphasis on artistic principles as well as an important informations dedicated to CG techniques. The idea is to have a book that can be useful as a resource for strong traditional arts theory as well as a reference book, combined with a great collection of over high resolution CG images. It is not a step-by-step tutorial book, though.

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Although It is not a step-by-step tutorial book, I give many tips and tricks that I have learned working in real production environment. All of them are V-Ray based. From my point of view this book is 3-in-one: readers will find CG art, theoretical principles and very valuable practical procedures. This book can be read several times, each time from the different point of view. How long did it take to make this book? I started to collect my personal notes about a year and a half or so.

It's something I often do after finishing a project. It helps me to analyze personal progress.

I realized that I could group all my notes into chapters. This led to the initial idea of this book. Then came the hard work.

It's easy to think that once you have written and reviewed the text, you already made 80 percent of work, but it is not that easy. I experienced how hard it can be to make a book from a scratch: re-rendering over of super high resolution images, designing layout and doing all the remaining things to sell a product — that was very time-consuming process.

I had to do it in my spare time and it took me about whole year. Click on image to enlarge Alex Roman's work Do you plan to make more similar publications about cg and art? Good question.

I really enjoy doing that and besides the long road that I went making this book, I also enjoyed the process a lot. Would you recommend this engine for other VIZ artists? What in your opinion makes V-Ray distinct, why did you choose it and do you always use it?

By the time being I find V-Ray the best and the most user friendly render engine ever. V-Ray is getting better and better with each version and I always felt like it was like a camera or brain extension.

Click on image to enlarge Vintage large format camera render What is most time consuming part of making a great VIZ for you? Pre-production and modeling. Boy, I hate modeling!

Jokes aside, to have engines started can be a real time-consuming task for me. Fortunately, lighting is becoming an easier task with modern render engines, so the part that really needs a lot of time in order to get a great VIZ picture is the postproduction.

Reviews, analysis and artist profiles

Managing layers, managing final color and the not-so-3D elements makes the difference in my honest opinion. What part of making 3d visualizations do you enjoy the most?

What is the most crucial part of making the great visualization for you?

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Thanks Alex. Video is amazing and so is the book, which I have ordered and read with utmost interest.

Alex Roman: TheThird&TheSeventh

However I could not find out where the title comes out. Is there any link with musical intervals by chance? Thanks for sharing if you have an idea.

Josh Broks Architectural Photographer http: One thing also is that he created all of that almost 9 years ago. When 3d rendering engines were still in diapers.

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Inspiration: The Third & The Seventh

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By the time being I find V-Ray the best and the most user friendly render engine ever. I realized that I could group all my notes into chapters. Error rating book.

I rather play with it and I always experiment a lot before final render.