Don't Call Me Ishmael is a young adult novel by Australian author Michael Gerard Bauer. It was short-listed for the Children's Book Council of Australia's Book of the Year award in the older reader category in In April , Don't Call. Read this book review written by Darren Levy who was only in Year 8 at the What are your thoughts on the ideas expressed about Don't Call me Ishmael?. Don't Call Me Ishmael! book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There's no easy way to put this, so I'll say it straight ou.

Dont Call Me Ishmael Book

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That is what the protagonist is called in Michael Gerard Bauer's young adult novel, Don't Call Me Ishmael!. The book is in the form of a journal, written in the first. By the time ninth grade begins, Ishmael Leseur knows it won't be long before Barry Bagsley, the class bully, says, "Ishmael? What kind of wussy-crap name is. Don't Call Me Ishmael (): Michael Gerard Bauer: Books.

There is no safety in numbers when bullies take on the weak; it only multiplies the attacks. What Ishmael soon finds out, however, is that the new boy, James Scobie, has a remarkable power: He is also smart, knowledgeable and worldly, and thinks on his feet.

Within days of arrival, he has cut Barry Bagsley down to size, standing up to threats of violence with withering wit. When James stands up to speak publicly for the first time, Ishmael is stunned: Everything that up until then had been vague and confusing suddenly snapped into focus.

James starts up a debating club, and persuades Ishmael to join. The only other volunteers are the extroverted Orazio Zorzotto, an incorrigible comedian and would-be Romeo, who hopes the gig will give him access to pretty girls at other schools; Ignatius Prindabel, a nervy science nerd who is a master of the non sequitur; and the large and ponderous sci-fi and fantasy fan, Bill Kingsley, who seems to exist in a world of his own.

Ishmael confronts a new terror in the debating club: A mortifying collapse at his first function not only attracts the attention of the girl who has already caught his eye there, but sets him up for the second half of the book, where his personal growth ramps up. When James has another health alert and is taken out of school, Ishmael steps up to lead the team. He stands up to Bagsley and his mates to help a younger boy they are attacking, and succeeds in losing both their hats to the river.

But he learns about the self-assurance that comes from doing the right thing and standing up for the underdog, whether one wins or not.

He and Zorzotto, who never seems to have had a moment of self-doubt in his life, stand up for Bill Kingsley too a little later, when the boy is being terrorised by the Bagsley bunch for being fat. Through the debating club, Bill also begins to assert himself in the small but dangerous arena of the schoolroom. His refusal to let Ishmael call in the adults to sort out the bullies gives a rite-of-passage feel to his torturous experience, and all the boys are a little wiser, a little stronger, for having solved some of their problems on their own.

Don't Call Me Ishmael!

And the year ends promisingly for them all. You love going into things like that. Have you never heard them all yelling and chattering when you accidentally get on the bus that all the lads from the all-boys school get on Jo - Umm… no not really. I tend to put my headphones in. Volume on loud. And make plans to book in some driving lessons. Jo 2- Exactly!

Series: Don't Call Me Ishmael

So what do you know about how boys talk? Jo 2- Exactly. I rest my case. Jo - Um… where was I?

Maybe if I had seen them I would have found this book even more humorous. Jo 2- But year old boys have seen them and they love them and I actually caught you sniggering at a few of the jokes.

Jo- I…um. Well that bit was funny.

Don’t Call Me Ishmael

Shut up. About a week later, Barry puts a lot of insects and spiders in James's desk, but James is not frightened.

During a rugby match against Churchill, James's fearlessness changes the course of the game with a speech that invokes courage. Ishmael, Scobie, a hilarious, outgoing and independent boy called Orazio Zorzotto, an overweight, sci-fi geek called Bill Kingsley and a very smart nerd Ignatius Prindabel participate in debating.

Ishmael only joins because he feels sorry for James and because James promises to not make him speak onstage.

However, Ishmael is forced to debate due to Bill being sick and then later because James has a checkup about his brain tumour. The team does not win, missing out by just one point, however they are still incredibly happy to have gone that far. Barry and his friends mock Bill about his weight by destroying his debating certificate, angering Ishmael as well.

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Kelly Faulkner, a girl Ishmael starts to fall in love with for a fair reason at the debating workshop, thanks Ishmael because she is the sister of the Year Four boy that Ishmael helped to "save" from Barry. On the last day of school at the 'end-of-year extravaganza thingy', Ishmael invents a prayer that will humiliate Barry. However, he eventually decides not to say his prayer, because he does not want to humiliate Barry's innocent parents, ruin the ceremony for the people who worked to make it or become the person Barry was.

Ishmael then receives a letter from Kelly.Details if other: Miss Tarango asks students to write five important things about themselves. Michael Gerard Bauer. Give at least one example and refer to evidence from the text that shows this.

The writer’s craft

So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. The plot is not over predictable and the action never gets bogged down for too long in any one scene. Are they also rferencing schools in Brisbane?

Miss Tarango asks students to write five important things about themselves.