Fiji has been in the tourism business for decades and the Nadi and Denarau Northwest of Fiji's largest island, Viti Levu, is the Yasawa Group, a chain. Download the Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu eBook of Lonely Planet's Fiji guidebook from monpaysofchlesspi.ml Fiji - Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu (PDF Chapter). Look Inside . Download the Plan your trip eBook of Lonely Planet's Fiji guidebook from Fiji - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter). Look Inside Your journey to Fiji starts here.

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Read Lonely Planet Fiji PDF Travel Guide Ebook by Lonely monpaysofchlesspi.mlhed by Lonely Planet, ePUB/PDF , monpaysofchlesspi.ml . Download Free Guides Pdf: SAR, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Egypt , Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Sydney, Hawaii, Tahiti. Free download Canary Islands travel guide - Lonely Planet Canary Islands. Free download Cape Town. Looking for a Lonely Planet pdf free download or a Lonely Planet ebook free . Whether you're headed to Juneau, Alaska, Fiji, Argentina, or anywhere else, this .

Managing ra d is a out shapi g Fiji s i age a d per eptio i to the arket through ra di g strateg , while managing product is by encouraging the industry to cater the needs. The NTO, additionally, has a role in keeping the traditional market, growing the emerging market, and expanding the new market Fiji Tourism, Shangri- Tourism La, Sheraton Organization e.

MDF e.

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Emerald Vinaka Fiji Hostels e. Princess Bamboo 4 Public Transport Restaurants e. Bus, Taxi Page 10 3. In , Fiji government published a report that 25 percent of the population live below the poverty lines and the number is increasing every year.

For this reason, the government established the National Microfinance Unit NMFU in to promote and embrace the development of microfinance in Fiji. The program has made positive outputs in terms of improved income, the ability to pay the school fees, household assets, employment in the business and SMEs Kinivuwai, In terms of investment, foreign direct investment FDI has contributed towards developing resort and hotel facilities of international standards, which has helped the country to emerge as a leading tourist destination in the Pacific over the years.

As a consequence, most of the mass tourism product is owned by expatriates and results in Fiji to have a high level of economic leakage Hall, Most of the foreign investors lease from traditional landowners, who own 83 percent of the land in Fiji, for at least 99 years.

This is because of the majority of SIDS, including Fiji, have small populations to provide skilled and unskilled labour to support their economies. However, Mowforth and Munt argue that the positive impact of tourism development is influenced by the ample use of expatriate workforce. Anticipating the need for skilled labour, the government provided an additional fund to the National Universities such as Fiji National University, The University of South Pacific, and University of Fiji since This fund was allocated to provide vocational and job training for tourism and hospitality skill sets such as catering, eco-tourism, culinary, and computers Fiji Government, 3.

Thus, transportation access is considered to be substantial challenges in both international and domestic accessibility. Fiji depends heavily on air transport to bring the world to the island, while small planes and vessels are major interisland transportation.

Fiji Airways with direct non-stop flights from source markets like Australia, New Zealand, and the U.

The national carrier along with other foreign carriers e. A other alter ati e i ter atio al tourists tra sport is ruise ships. Although cruise tourism is still a minor part of the total number of tourist to Fiji, there has been a positive growth throughout the year. The average annual number of cruise passengers during were 14, and increased to 88, in Jayaraman, In terms of domestic transportation, Fiji Link which is a subsidiary carrier of Fiji Airways, offers domestic flights to twelve destinations including Suva, Labasa, Taveuni, and Kadavu.

In addition, Awesome Adventures is the backbone of backpacker tourism in Fiji, which carried over 24, passengers per year to, from, and around the Yasawa Islands Awesome Adventure, Page 12 3.

The regional development and infrastructure in Fiji is led by the tourism industry that is predominantly owned by foreigners. The development is only conducted selectively in an area where can it benefits the foreign investor by lobbying the government policies Britton, For example, In the s, the government started to build major infrastructures e.

The obvious ramification of this phenomenon is an enormous imbalance between the infrastructure in the western and the eastern part of Fiji.

In the western part, the standard quality of infrastructure relatively meets the needs of international tourists, such as five-star hotels in Denarau Island, inter-island transportation, international airport, and roads. This development of tourism has benefited the locals in the area, compared to another island, such as Vanua Levu, which experienced underinvestment in infrastructure and amenities.

The marketing campaign includes refreshing the brand, improving positioning, and developing a brand blueprint that suits across all markets Tourism Fiji, The fund was allocated to the potential segments such as diving, wedding, honeymoon, cruise, adventure, and sports tourism internationally.

Research is critical for decision- aki g to pro ide usi ess i tellige e to for ulate Fiji s marketing, action plan, and public relation that target potential markets and segments.

Recently, Fiji has published a quotation to attract an experienced market research company to conduct a research that focused on customer behaviour SPTO, After the problems from sugar and garment sectors arose, tourism has been acclaimed as the engine for growth and development.

Fiji government has a high commitment on NTO. Since then, the marketing budget has been increased to sustain the growth of visitor number, foreign exchange, and employment Rao, In , the tourism industry s earnings surpassed those of sugar and garment see Appendix E. The political turmoil as a consequence from coups has both short and long-ter i pli atio s for Fiji s touris i dustr.

Although every coup has affected in the declining number of tourists in the short period of time, it brought evolution to the regulation, strategy, and policies in the long-term.

According to Rao , the political instability caused a positive impact on the development, for example, Fiji government supported the tourism sector by injecting more fund to the NTO National Tourism Organization. The marketing strategy and campaign had been successful in attracting more tourists to Fiji through its office networks around the world The Fiji Times, In addition, the government has reformed its public sector and privatization regulation to accommodate the demand of the market responsively.

As a consequence, Transnational Corporation TNC , which base is located in another country and operates in one and more Page 14 countries, has been able to operate in Fiji.

TNC is claimed as the basis for promulgating technical knowledge, embracing global communication, as well as establishing new markets for Fiji Dwyer, Page 15 4. However, this statement is not really widely happening in Fiji and becomes the main issue.

Fiji - Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu (PDF Chapter)

It can be evident in some Islands that there is a clear living standard gap between resort guests and the villagers de Kadt, For example, the discrepancy becomes apparent when comparing the standard amenities and infrastructure between the guests in Blue Lagoon and the villagers in Nacula Island, even though the resort has a corporate social responsibility program. The domination of foreign investment in Fiji also discourages the local participation.

Britton found that handicraft and entertainment groups, which have low rates of earnings, were the main beneficiaries for the indigenous people of Fiji. It is also worsened by the handicrafts made in China and other Asian countries that dominate the market.

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These countries contributed 75 percent of total Fiji tourism market, while only New Zealand had positive growth in compared to Despite the fact that there is a possibility of weaker Australian dollar in the future, the Fiji government is still focused only on the traditional tourist market by increasing its share Earl, This is because Fiji Government has prioritized tourism area which has a considerable number of foreign investment and the tourist number who visited Vanua Levu is still limited.

The cost of domestic transport is noticeably high and prevents the budget traveller to spend more Page 16 nights in Vanua Levu.

The development of alternative tourism in the rural area of Vanua Levu would face difficulties, unless the government put attention on course of action for the basic infrastructure revitalization in the island. Thus, it is necessary to embrace local participation through investment and entrepreneurship in Fiji s tourism ILO, The education sector has to be emphasized not only on hospitality and tourism skill, but also on entrepreneurship.

Page 17 Moreover, lack of local-source used in tourism industry exacerbates the leakage in the country.

Fiji - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

A study highlighted that up to 80 percent of fruits and vegetables are imported to suppl the eeds of Fiji s touris se tor FAO,. The barriers that should be solved are the quality of local products and insufficient quantities to supply hotels, resorts, and restaurants Rogerson, , as cited in Pratt, Thus, Fiji s agri ulture i dustr should be redesigned to cater tourism industry and persuade industry players for using local ingredients — which can be marketed as a premium product — to create inter-sectoral linkages.

Strengthening Asian Markets Interestingly, China and other Asian markets had outstanding performance in the same period and may have a future potential market for Fiji see Figure 4. Regarding GDP and outbound growth, China and India are estimated to be the two largest markets in the future see Figure 9.

The brand and product management of Fiji tourism, therefore, should start to modify for the foreseeable future markets. It is believed that village- based ecotourism could act as a panacea to these issues. Without this involvement, the ecotourism in Fiji could not be sustainable Bianchi, It also requires some degree of training and evaluation program both from the government and the private sector.

Ecotourism development in rural areas such as in Vanua Levu can be a trigger for the infrastructure enhancement among locals. Page 19 Conclusion The report has discussed the past, present, and future of the tourism development in Fiji based on secondary data and field observation. The most obvious finding to emerge from this study is that even though Fiji tourism growth has relatively shown a positive trend, in terms of sustainable tourism, it leaves some issues and challenges.

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Fiji - Plan your trip (PDF Chapter)

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