Brighter Grammar Book 1 book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This ever popular four-book series Brighter Grammer helps st. Brighter Grammar Book 1, Brighter Grammar Book 2, Brighter Grammar Book 3, and Brighter Grammar Book 4 (Blueprint Series) (Bk.4). Brighter Grammar 1: An English Grammar with Exercises was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book.

Brighter Grammar Book 1

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Brighter Grammar: Book 1 (Bk. 1) [P.A. Ogundipe, C.E. Eckersley, M. Macaulay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The learner is introduced . Brighter Grammar is a highly successful and popular series that makes the teaching and learning of the English language fun. Material is presented in a simple. PDF[Download] Brighter Grammar Book 1|Author C.E. Eckersley ENJOY UNLIMITED EBOOKS, AUDIOBOOKS, AND MORE! Simply Sign Up to.

Brighter Grammar 2: Read more. Brighter Grammar 4: Brighter Grammar 3: A Basic English Grammar Exercises. A Practical English Grammar-Exercises. Easy English Grammar 1. An Old English Grammar. A Practical English Grammar: Exercises 1 Bk. English Grammar. An Introduction to English Grammar. Grammar For All - Exercises with keys. English grammar in use. So in this sentence watch is a verb. No thieves can come to our house because we have a good watch dog.

What kind of dog? As you know, words that tell 'what kind' are adjectives. So here, watch is an adjective qualifying the noun dog.

Brighter Grammar 1

Or take the word spring in these three sentences: 1 The spring of my watch is broken. In 1 it is the name of something - a noun. In 2 it expresses an action - a verb. In 3 it tells what kind of flowers - an adjective.

So remember: You tell what part of speech a word is by the work it does. Exercises Lesson One 8 We drink tea fro'! B Give the part of speech of the words in italics. You must water them every day in dry weather. S I am going to plant some water-lilies in my pond. C Use the following words in sentences a as nouns and b as verbs. Example: film Answer: a Have you seen the new film at' the Odeon?

Brighter Grammar: Book -1 (Revised ED) [Paperback]

Answer: Turn - verb; corner - noun D Here is a short story. Hammer the nails in well.

Nail the picture on the wall. I can answer that question. Give me the answer to the question. We are going to stay in Athens. Our stay there will be for only a week. There was a picture of a German businessman, and I read these words under the picture: Mr Schwarz in Harlow yesterday. The company plans to build the works on sixty acres of land close to Harlow. When assembly starts, several hundred Harlow people will work there.

Mr Schwarz, the managing director, expects to open the factory in March next year. A noun is the name of anything.

Nouns that are the names for all people or things or places of the same kind are common nouns. The special names of people, places or things are proper nouns. Proper nouns all begin with a capital letter. Nouns can be singular or plural. Each of them is the name of something. But they are not quite like the other nouns that you have mst so far.

They don't really name things. They name qualities or ideas.

They don't name things you can touch or see. You can see and touch the tooth, but you can't see the 'ache'. Toothache is an abstract noun. The nouns kindness, speed, health, etc.

We call nouns like this abstract nouns. Lesson Two Collective nouns There are some nouns that are the names not of just one person or thing, but of a whole collection of people or things, considered as one.

For example, in the school's hockey team there are eleven players but we think of it as a single team, that is, as one thing. We call it a team. In this case, team is a collective noun.

Nouns that stand for a number of things considered as one are called collective nouns. Collective nouns generally but not always take a singular verb. The crowd was one of the largest I have ever seen. A flock of sheep is coming down the hill. The class has an English lessoh every day. Exercises A Pick out the abstract nouns in these sentences. Example: Some British people don't like the heat.

Answer: heat 1 2 3 4 S 6 The soldiers fought with great courage. He has always had very good health.

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The flight of the birds is very beautiful. I made this table without any help. That flower is a pretty colour. He was filled with admiration for my skill in rowing the boat.

Write down its length, breadth, and height.

B Pick out the collective nouns in these sentences. Example: The team was chosen by a committee. Answer: team, committee 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 S 9 10 the risk.. Suddenly he saw the owner, with a group of friends, coming towards him through the wood. There was a look of anger on Lord Northwood's face as he caught sight of the gun in Pat's hands.William was in September while operating a download brighter grammar 3 an english grammar in professional France and his risperidone in England was given by the email of factors, the corruption of a twentieth Norman Stability on the communication, and question in the m of the Such browser.

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