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Top Ten Mistakes Candidates Make.

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Top 105 QTP Interview Questions and Answers (Latest UFT Interview Questions)

There were just too many red flags. They are two ways QTP shows your test.

Each one has their own features and caters to users of different levels of expertise. Keyword view: This is a tabular representation of your test that has the information like the Item, Operation, Data and, Comments.

Expert view: This displays your test in terms of the actual lines of code. It is more like a VB Script editor and is used by advanced users. More information is available in the tutorial 2 and Tell me your approach?

Since the protocol change does not necessarily affect the UI change, except maybe for a warning message about certificates, there are not many changes.

All you need to do is provide the new URL and make sure you handle the security-related pop-ups. Keyword driven testing 2. Suitable for both client-server and web-based application 3. VB script as the script language 4. Better error handling mechanism 5. Excellent data-driven testing features 59 How to handle the exceptions using recovery scenario manager in QTP? You can instruct QTP to recover unexpected events or errors that occurred in your testing environment during a test run.

Recovery scenario manager provides a wizard that guides you through the defining recovery scenario. Recovery scenario has three steps 1. Triggered Events 3. Output values enable to view the values that the application talks during runtime.

When parameterized, the values change for each iteration. Thus by creating output values, we can capture the values that the application takes for each run and output them to the data table.

The pointer now changes into a hand symbol and we have to point out the object to spy the state of the object. If at all the object is not visible or window is minimized then hold the Ctrl button and activate the required window to and release the Ctrl button. File extension of Per test object rep: filename. Object Repository: displays a tree of all objects in the current component or in the current action or entire test depending on the object repository mode you selected.

QuickTest learns the default property values and determines in which test object class it fits.

If it is not enough it adds assistive properties, one by one to the description until it has compiled the unique description. If no assistive properties are available, then it adds a special Ordinal identifier such as objects location on the page or in the source code. Common functions are: Coloring the cell, Auto fit cell, setting navigation from link in one cell to other saving 67 Explain the keyword createobject with an example.

Creates and returns a reference to an Automation object syntax: CreateObject servername. The name of the application providing the object. The type or class of the object to create. The name of the network server where the object is to be created. Essentially all configuration and run functionality provided via the QuickTest interface is in some way represented in the QuickTest automation object model via objects, methods, and properties.

You can use the objects, methods, and properties exposed by the QuickTest automation object model, along with standard programming elements such as loops and conditional statements to design your program.

QTP generally identifies an object by matching its test object and run time object properties. QTP may fail to recognize the dynamic objects whose properties change during run time.

Hence it has an option of enabling Smart Identification, wherein it can identify the objects even if their properties changes during run time. Check out this: If QuickTest is unable to find any object that matches the recorded object description, or if it finds more than one object that fits the description, then QuickTest ignores the recorded description and uses the Smart Identification mechanism to try to identify the object.

While the Smart Identification mechanism is more complex, it is more flexible, and thus, if configured logically, a Smart Identification definition can probably help QuickTest identify an object, if it is present, even when the recorded description fails.

The Smart Identification mechanism uses two types of properties: Base filter properties — The most fundamental properties of a particular test object class; those whose values cannot be changed without changing the essence of the original object. For example, if a Web link's tag was changed from to any other value, you could no longer call it the same object.

Optional filter properties — Other properties that can help identify objects of a particular class as they are unlikely to change on a regular basis, but which can be ignored if they are no longer applicable. Where can I find and view this table?

In QTP, there is data table used, which is used at runtime. To data-driven we have to parameterize. Through parameterization only we can drive a transaction action with different sets of data.

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You know running the script with the same set of data several times is not suggested, and it's also of no use. Call to Action: The changes made in Call to Action, will be reflected in the original action from where the script is called. But where as in Copy Action , the changes made in the script ,will not effect the original script Action 73 Explain the concept of how QTP identifies object. During recording, QTP looks at the object and stores it as a test object.

SAP ABAP 4 Interview Questions Hands On For Cracking the Interview 1st Edition - 9788177228946

For each test object QT learns a set of default properties called mandatory properties, and look at the rest of the objects to check whether these properties are enough to uniquely identify the object. During the test run, QTP searches for the runtime objects that match with the test object it learned while recording.

Object repository is used to store all the objects in the application being tested. Types of object repository: Per action and shared repository. In shared repository only one centralized repository for all the tests, whereas in per action for each test a separate per action repository is created. If yes tell me about some of the functions that you wrote. Sample answer You can tell about modules you worked on. If your answer is Yes then You should expect more questions and should be able to explain those modules in later questions : I Used the functions for Capturing the dynamic data during runtime.

The function used for Capturing Desktop, browser and pages. Sample answer Say Yes only if you worked on : I have done Dynamically capturing the objects during runtime in which no recording, no playback and no use of the repository is done AT ALL. Are there any inbuilt functions in QTP? What is the difference between them? How to handle script issues? An output value is a value captured during the test run and entered in the run-time but to a specified location.

There are three kinds of actions: Non-reusable action — An action that can be called only in the test with which it is stored, and can be called only once. Reusable action — An action that can be called multiple times by the test with which it is stored the local test as well as by other tests.

External action — A reusable action stored with another test. External actions are read-only in the calling test, but you can choose to use a local, editable copy of the Data Table information for the external action. How do I do this? This tool is used for automation testing of applications or websites.What types of add-in, you have worked with? Independently published, It goes into ROI analysis, needs analysis, framework design, tool analysis, and script development.

If yes tell me about some of the functions that you wrote. This is a must read for anyone considering applying at site. Share your thoughts with other customers. If it is not enough it adds assistive properties, one by one to the description until it has compiled the unique description.

Seller Inventory APC It is the result of hundreds of conversations with candidates. Tell the Publisher!