MSA Civil Service - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides Civil Service Exam Philippine MSA Civil Service Exam Reviewer (Download Link); Compressed Civil Service Exam Reviewer (Download Link) Civil Service Exam is set on March 18, | First Batch of CSE-PPT · Civil Downloadable PDF File of the Application Form · Civil Service Commission T+ Aside from Civil Service Exam reviewers, you will find Penology Officer Examination, Fire Officer . Exam Ally (MSA CSE Reviewer - Free Download).

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Download Free Civil Service Exam Reviewers (PDF) for October Download MSA Civil Service Reviewer, ACE Reviewer and more We also have our free. MSA Civil Service Document Cover. MSA Civil Service Reviewer. pdf. DownloadReport. Published on Apr View Download Civil Exam is a comprehensive test given to professionals who aspire to work in a government Civil Service Exam Reviewer Download.

Human Resource Department 2.

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Which computer program should you go if you want to email a company? Word 2. Excel 3. Outlook 4. Powerpoint 3. This is a telephonic transmission of scanned documents of texts and images to a telephone number connected to a printer.

Photocopying Machine 2. Fax Machine 3. Typewriter 4. Inkjet Printer 4. Auditor 2. Treasurer 3. Chief Executive Officer 4. Manager 5. Which department of a company is responsible for cash register operations and payment processing?

Cashier 2. Billing 3. Accounting 4. Budget 6. What is the correct filing arrangement for the following names? Angeles, Mario P. Angeles, Maricel P. Angeles, Marissa P. Angeles, Maria P. Name and address of the downloader 2. Signature of the recipient 3. Quantity of the items paid 4. Credit Card Number of the customer 8. The method of indexing and filing where names are in alphabetized order.

Numeric 2. Metric 3.

Geographic 4. Alphabetic 9. Which is the best way to address a correspondence for the President of the Philippines?

Civil Service Exam Complete Reviewer Philippines 2019

His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte 2. His Excellency President Rodrigo Duterte 3. President Rodrigo Duterte 4. President Digong How do you address the Queen of England when you talk about her? Her Highness the Queen 2. Queen Elizabeth II her Highness 4. Queen Elizabeth II her Majesty An example of a soft copy is: 1. A print out copy usually in a paper 2. Original copy written in a paper 3.

A copy saved in a computer and sent through email 4. A copy from a Xerox machine When a company asked you to submit your latest CV, what does CV stand for? Curriculum Vitum 2. Curriculum Virtue 3. Curriculum Vitae 4. Curriculum Vital It is the section of Accounting Department in a company that records goods and services that it receives and the payments it owes. Budget 2. Payroll 3. Accounts Payable and Receivable 4. Inventory Which of the following is not a function of Accounting Department in a big corporation?

Prepare Interim Financial Statements 2. Inventory Management 3. Bank Reconciliation 4. Internal and External Auditing He is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation and he is the top person in command in an organization. Chief Financial Executive 2. Chief Executive Officer 3. Executive Admin. Officer 4. Chief Executive Assistant Which of the following is not a responsibility of a clerical worker?

Marketing and promotion for customers 2. Filing and updating download orders 3. Answering business emails Arrange the proper filing of the following in alphabetical order: A. Lieutenant Colonel Mark David B.

Elen Rodriguez C. Captain Max Aquino D. Juan Castro 1. CDAB 2.


BCDA Dinky Soliman B. Richard Gordon C. Voltaire Gazmin D. Armin Luistro 1. DABC 2. CBDA 4. CBAD How much is the present Value-Added-Tax in the Philippines? downloading section 2.

Cashier section 3. Billing Section 4. Releasing section This is a type of document issued by a seller to a downloader relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities and prices sold to the downloader. Check voucher 2. download order 3.

Delivery receipt 4.

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Sales invoice Which of the following is not a usual document used in a sales company? Form 2. Delivery receipt 3. Sales invoice 4. download order One of the responsibilities of a clerical job is answering and tending phone calls. Which is the best way to answer a phone call in a company? Run and get a pen and notebook then pick up the phone.

Answer the phone politely and give your department or company name. Wait for fellow employees to answer the phone. An example of a hard copy document is: 1. PDF file letter 2. Company email message 3. A business letter saved in USB 4. Business letter in a paper What does a CC means in an email message? Copy sent 2. Copy furnished 3. Copy cat 4. Senate, Supreme Court, Congress 2. Presidential, Unicameral- Parliamentary, Bicameral-Parliamentary 3.

Legislative, Executive, Judicial 4. Rodrigo Duterte 3. Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno 4. Emmanuel Bautista 4.

President of the Philippines 2. House of Representatives 3. The Supreme Court 4. The Congress 5. Congress of the Philippines 2. House of Ombudsman 3. Bureau of Internal Revenue 6. The Senate shall be composed of how many senators elected at large by voters of the Philippines?

How long shall the term of office of the senators be commenced? The term of office of the President and Vice-president of the Philippines shall be up to how many years?

The following shall be exempted from taxation except: 1. Lands and buildings 2. Churches and convents 3. Charitable institutions 4. Non-profit cemeteries Two-thirds 2. One-half 3. Three quarters 4. Minority Article VI 2. Bill of Rights 3. Republic Act 4. Court Order All of the following is TRUE except: 1. No person shall be compelled to be a witness against himself 2. No person shall be imprisoned for non-payment of debt or poll tax.

No ex post facto law or bill of attainder shall not be enacted. No person shall be detained solely by reason of his political beliefs and aspirations. The following are citizens of the Philippines except: 1. Those fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines 2. Those who are born before January 17, , of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority 3.

Those who are naturalized citizens of the Philippines in accordance with law. All of the above are true. It is the right and obligation by all citizens, who are at least 18 years of age, and qualified by law, to vote in the election of national and local officials of the government without literacy,, property, or other substantive requirement. Suffrage 2. Election 3. Voting power 4. Civil Right The three inherent powers of the state are the following except one: 1.

Police Power 2. Power of Eminent Domain 3. Power of Taxation 4. Power to Impeach It is the power of the State to promote public welfare by restraining the use of both liberty and property of all people. Power if Taxation 4. It is the power of the State to take properties for the purpose of public use upon payment of just compensation. It is the power of the State to impose charge or burden to persons and properties, and property rights for the purpose of raising revenues to protect the people and extend public projects and services.

The following are members of the Constitutional Commission except: 1. Commission on Civil Rights 2. Commission on Elections 3. Civil Service Commission 4. Commission on Audit It states that public office is public trust and that public officers and employees must, at all times, be accountable to the people, serve them with utmost responsibility, integrity, loyalty and efficiency; act with patriotism and justice and lead modest lives.

Public Trust 2. Constitutional Rights 3. Accountability 4. Responsibility Who shall have the exclusive power to initiate all cases of impeachment? House of Blue Ribbon Committee 2. House of the Senate 4. Speaker of the House Preamble 2. Code of Ethics 3. Code of Government Officials 4. The following are duties and responsibilities of Public officials and Employees except: 1. Act promptly on letters, inquiries, calls or any other form of communications sent by the public.

Submit performance reports of the agency or office regularly 3. Accept gifts from the public upon prioritizing their queries. Process documents and papers expeditiously. It is a written instrument containing the proposition and required number of signatories and shall be in a form determined by and submitted to the Commission on Elections.

Bill 2. Law 3. Proposition 4. Petition It is the electoral process by which an initiative on the Constitution is either approved or rejected by the people. Referendum 2. Plebiscite 3. Petition 4. Initiative It is the power of the electorate to approve or reject a legislation through an election called for the purpose.

This law promotes responsible family planning and proper use of reproductive methods to eliminate over-population growth. RH Bill 2. Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law 3.

Reproductive Law 4. Family Planning It is a specialized agency of the United Nations that concerns international public health. Department of Health 2. World Health Organization 3. International Health Organization 4. All of the above APEC is a summit that promotes free trade and economic cooperation throughout the Asia-Pacific region countries.

APEC stands for: 1. Asia Pacific Economic Corporation 2. Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation 3. Asia Pacific Economic Council 4. Asia Pacific Economic Countries Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN aims to accelerate economic growth, stability, social progress and cultural development in the spirit of equality and partnership to strengthen prosperous and peaceful community along Southeast Asian Nations.

Hong Kong 2. Philippines 3. Singapore 4. Thailand It is a law in the Philippines that aims to address legal issues concerning online interactions and harmful internet behavior in the Philippines.

It aims to prevent and punish cybercrime in the country. Cybersquatting 2. Cybercrime Act 3. Cybercrime Prevention Act 4. Cyber Identity Theft Act Bio-chemical 2. Recyclable 3. Biodegradable 4. Non-biodegradable The following are examples of non-biodegradable waste except: 1.

Plastics 2. Metals 3.

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Styrofoam 4. Papers It is a project of DOST for more accurate, integrated and responsive disaster prevention and mitigation system especially in high-risk calamity areas of the Philippines. I am Ready 3. Project NOAH PAGASA is the official government agency for weather forecasting, flood control, astronomical observations, and time service. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology 2. Philippine Institute of Volcanic and Seismic Services 3. Philippine Institute of Volcanic and Seismology Services 4.

Philippine Institute of Volcano and Seismic System Which of the following is a renewable source of energy? Geothermal energy 2. Solar energy 3. Wind energy 4. Global Warming 2. Greenhouse Effect 3. Ozone Layer 4. Solar Radiation USB is an industry standard that connects computers and electronic devices like keyboards, digicams, portable media devices, disk drivers, smartphones, and network adapters to any computer. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the scope and coverage of the Civil Service Exam.

Both the Professional and Sub-Professional have almost the same scope. The following links below were found by our team through searching the internet. There are many more website that you can check. We will update this article as often as possible once we have new websites that can give useful links of the reviewers. Exam Ally. When you click the download link, you will be directed to the MediaFire storage site. All you need to do is to click the green download button as shown in the picture below which is located at the uppermost part of the site.

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The link mentioned above was from their website page. Below are the helpful links from our website that you can read in order to know more about the Civil Service Examination. Just directly click the link. What are the requirements in taking the exam. Can I have a soft copy of the latest CSE reviewer?

Good eve, can I have a soft copy of the cse reviewer?? What are the requirements of the SCE application for the exam. Please check CSC reviewers here: Check this: Hello po… Pwedi lang po ba sa mga first timer.. Salamat po….Forks, Washington 9. Delivery receipt 4. All of the above His Excellency Rodrigo Duterte 2. Family Planning Bouquet: flowers: : flock: 1. Only Anna 2. There are some free online reviews out there which you can use to practice for the civil service exam.

Reading Comprehension will be easy if you follow our helpful tips and strategies here. Which of the following conclusions best summarizes the selection above?