Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing: Estimation Theory. Acoustic Waves: . 15B Derivation of Properties of Complex Gaussian PDF. 15C Derivation of. processes can be viewed as the analysis of statistical signal processing sys- . rata (˜gray/ and incorporated into the. PDF generated: December 5, For copyright and . Statistical signal processing is the study of these questions. Modeling Uncertainty.

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Random Signals and Statistical Signal Processing in. Practice. PDF format with security password required; hints pages may also be provided. Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing: Estimation Theory v. . p(x|θ) is the conditional PDF which gives the probability of the data given certain value of . “An introduction to statistical signal processing”, Gray and Davisson PDF. Functions. Expectation. Moments. Convergence. Conclusions. Types of probability.

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An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing and Spectrum Estimation

Jenkins, D. Monzingo, T. Miller, Adaptive Arrays, J.

Wiley, Johnson, D. Matlab Basics 4 2. Computer Data Generation 17 - 49 3. Parameter Estimation 50 - 4.

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Detection - 5. Spectral Analysis - 6. Array Processing - 7. Case Studies - 8. Translate problem into manageable estimation problem 2. Evaluate best possible performance bounds 3. Choose optimal or suboptimal procedure 4.

Evaluate actual performance a.

Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing, Volume I: Estimation Theory

Analytically — exact or approximate b. By computer simulation Radar Doppler Estimation Step 1 Problem: Given radar returns from automobile, determine speed to within 0. Spec: error must be less than 0.

It requires the function subprograms: gendata. The external subprogram armapsd. It requires the functions subprograms: per.

This rigorous text provides in-depth coverage of radar signal processing from a DSP perspective, filling a gap in the literature. There are a number of good books on general radar systems: Skolnik and Nathanson are the most popular. There are also good monographs on advanced and specialty topics like synthetic aperture imaging. But there is a John Wiley, This book is the fourth in a set of four volumes.

Array processing has played an important role in many diverse application areas. Most modern radar and sonar systems rely on antenna arrays or hydrophone arrays as an essential component of the system.

The author then presents exceptionally detailed coverage of composite hypothesis testing to accommodate unknown signal and noise parameters. These chapters will be especially useful for those building detectors that must work with real, physical data.

Other topics covered include: Detection in nonGaussian noise, including nonGaussian noise characteristics, known deterministic signals, and deterministic signals with unknown parameters Detection of model changes, including maneuver detection and time-varying PSD detection Complex extensions, vector generalization, and array processing The book makes extensive use of MATLAB, and program listings are included wherever appropriate.

Designed for practicing electrical engineers, researchers, and advanced students, it is an ideal complement to Steven M.


Detection Theory in Signal Processing. The Detection Problem. The Mathematical Detection Problem. Hierarchy of Detection Problems. Role of Asymptotics. Some Notes to the Reader. Summary of Important PDFs. Quadratic Forms of Gaussian Random Variables. Asymptotic Gaussian PDF. Monte Carlo Performance Evaluation.

Fundamentals of Statistical Signal Processing Volume 2 Detection Theory

Number of Required Monte Carlo Trials. Normal Probability Paper.

Statistical Decision Theory I. Neyman-Pearson Theorem. Receiver Operating Characteristics.

Irrelevant Data. Minimum Probability of Error.

Bayes Risk. Multiple Hypothesis Testing. Deterministic Signals. Matched Filters.

Generalized Matched Filters.Multiple Change Times. Most modern radar and sonar systems rely on antenna arrays or hydrophone arrays as an essential component of the system. Until now these minimum mean square error, maximum a posteriori, algorithms could only be learned by reading the general linear model, performance evaluation via Taylor latest technical journals.

Choosing a Detector. The function subprogram linearmodel.